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'Can't stop,won't stop, " should be RockView's mantra...

The conglomerate has been on a mission to be the leading brand of everything independent this past year, both onstage and behind the scenes. And their methods seem to be working.
I did get a chance to sit down with the MVP of the night, Jab Julien, an artist who recently relocated to the ATL to expand his presence. However, he didn't forget about his home in New Jersey which is why (with the help of his label) he was able to make the entire experience one huge party for all his family and friends.
Plain and simple, he made sure he packed out the place when he walked through the door.
But as you all should know, this was a fashion event so naturally the star, well stars, of the show were the models who were rocking $wanky $avages, an upcoming clothing brand that prides itself in its luxury street wear.
Something you may notice, this wasn't your typical fashion show, which normally focuses just one the clothing. But rather more of a hybrid fashion showcase that highlighted most of what RockView has to offer. Raybeauty was front and center using the entire venue as runway in between hosting, there was a strong performance from Taina, and a surprise award from a grateful artist ( Vero G.) for everything that RockView has dominated and provided for their community so far.
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Oh and if you haven't already picked up on it, outside of pushing themselves to the forefront of fashion RockView has implemented on site interviews into some of their events. If you want some extra time to shine?
1. Follow the Rockview Promo IG Page: @RockViewPromo
2.Send a DM.
You never know we're they'll be next, jump on it while you can. 
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