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RockView Kicks off Summer 17 with The Peel

Before we get far, lets talk about  The Peel. So if you haven't been paying attention, The Peel is essentially a spiked orange soda. In this case, we've spiked it with whiskey or vodka.
So what's up with the whole celebration? Well our favorite Titan, S-ROCK, has officially become the brand ambassador and he's been doing a pretty good job. I mean just look at how he's kicking it off, a party. The event allowed guests and performers to give their choice of drink a try while also giving a live review courtesy of our host., Ms  Lee from  The Lee Way.
Side note, I personally love the whiskey, just in case you need help getting started.
Performers included  Meko Sky, Bronx bred rapper and personality of  Loud Silence Radio. He just dropped  718 & Heartaches,which has been picking up a fair amount of attention. I haven't seen Meko perform in a while, I believe the last event we were both present for was The Tavern. One thing I have noticed about him, he's more interactive on and off stage. Don't get me wrong, he's a generally social person but his presence was a bit more relaxed this time around. Maybe we can credit his radio endeavors?
Oh we also had  jLaSol grace the stage performing "Purpose". One it was pretty refreshing seeing him again in time for his birthday, check out our interview on  The Pulse of New York. Two it was great seeing him on a stage! He's been pretty low key from what I've seen so far but hopefully that just mean he's working on some new tunes.
Franco was a bit of a shocker to see. Now I know this guy as one of the  Sauce Twins on  WVMR and for his graphic work... So picture my face when he dropped the fun fact he's also a rapper. A very Aquarius thing to do but I won't go on any further.
We did have some brand new faces in the building;  Nay Nay Pariz, who made it very known she doesn't curse in her lyrics but still managers to get live. It's not unheard of to have "clean" bars, I mean check out S-ROCK. Con$ept, a bit of an oldie in the game but used this moment to relaunch his music career.
Within the past year RockView Entertainment has been making moves; adding to their roaster, becoming partners with WVMR (a few members branching in to their own shows, aka  Jus Write!),  Ray Beauty ruling the fashion week runways and now a new partnership with The Peel. I'm pretty sure if you ask S-ROCK (the CEO) he'll tell you they're just getting started..... It's pretty safe to say we are all impressed!
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