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RockView Rocks 'Rocking for the Holidays


Christmas weekend was pretty lit over in Queens. The Titan of Rap teamed up with WVMRadio to give us a holiday show that ended being the perfect way to wave goodbye to 2016.

Let's first give props to our amazing hosts that night, Raybeauty, Dyme (from LyveLyfe Radio) and myself, Lady Sen (from  We even had a few extra heads in the building. The ever so elusive DJ Mainstream, owner of WVMR and host on The Pulse of New York, popped in to live stream the entire event from the new App which is now available on iTunes (Andriod is on it's way). Cool Chellz from The Daily Talk, Bizzy Bee,  Quest (a Philly videographer & producer), and more...

There were some familiar faces in the building.  Lucious, mister player himself, sung his and maybe a few ladies hearts out with the help of Infamous Ty; Jayo The Beatslayer decked the halls with his latest tracks; while Vita rocked the stage with some of her newest material.

Mu Mitt debut a new group that night, Jerzey Everywhere, much to my surprise. But $BG finally came out after a long time of being MIA in the 5 or 5000 circuit. Chill vibes.

What a dope way to ring in the new year right?

Some new heads, well there was Ides of March, acquainted with Special T, who won a Voiceless Music award this year, the duo definitely has a bit of old school feel to them. Let's hope to see them around a bit more. Then there was Michael Fiya as well as Young Mel, who for sure we'll see very soon.

But we are going to take a moment to pause on the host of Darkside Radio, Blackout The Rebel, who also doubled as the opener for Mickey Factz. Yes, Mickey Factz came out and tore up the stage with his rhythmic acá-pella freestyle.  I'm not sure if him and Blackout had something planned but it worked out perfectly. Black out came out on stage with his theatrics on fleek. He was dressed in the attire of the black panthers and gave us the reason why he is the rebel he is. 

Let's get to the finale right, because that's what we're all waiting for, who was the close out performance of the year. Well Nitty Scott of course with S-Rock as the opener!

S-Rock came out in smoke, energetic as ever. Has the man ever been known to give any less then his best? Rocking for the Holidays was no exception to that rule. The stage was lit and to close out with Nitty talking her shit with "Hieroglyphics"  well, that was a dope front row seat. Just saying it was the perfect chance to "get your drink on..." 

Now maybe you'll be sure to stay tuned to 2017...

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