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This is my second Memorial Day spent with  Rockview Entertainment, an event under the 5 or 5000 series.
I'll get to the headlining topic in a minute but I first want to address a few changes and other performances. Bare with me...
SAAY, a four time 2017  Voiceless Music Award nominee, showed out with his dancing duo. I have to applaud the girls because; 1. I don't think I could wine that low with a knee brace but girl did her thing! 2. They undeniably get better with every performance (this I believe is the second Rockview show I've seen them at) and 3. To be good enough to be on SAAY's dance crew says something. When we first met, word was he was a choreographer and after being acquainted with him it is so clear he takes his work seriously.
Anyway, we can clearly see why one of the awards the singer is up for is Best Performer, because sheesh. I don't think there wasn't someone dancing with him. Seriously, SAAY can you teach us how to wine like that?
In case you didn't peep the photos (provided by  SoUrban Magazine), our hosts that night were Rockview's very own  RayBeauty and  WVMR's  Cool Chellz, from  The Daily Talk. Both ladies looked stellar. Ray was rocking her new 'do which she debuted at a previous event,  Werds of Art Photography:The Live Sessions Vol 3: The Mixer. 
Another memorable performance?  Jayo TheBeatSlayer. Honestly, seeing his performance I'm happy he's experimental. This time around the rapper/comedian switched it up and opened  his set with a brief monologue and even brought a prop from one of his visuals on stage. He's not afraid to take risks and be interactive or to change things around. 
It worked for him, I was observing the crowd and multiple people were talking about his performance,in a positive way. They genuinely enjoyed the experience he was providing. Let's see what he brings on next...
Okay, so lets get to what you guys really want to know,  S-Rock's new track. So if you follow Voiceless Music word on the street was the headliner added a new song to his set. Now while this is true he didn't exactly release it yet. The Brooklyn artist is making us wait till the start of the summer to get "Do Ya Money Dance."
Everyone was front and center by the time Rock got on stage and opened up. I think I saw a good variety of "money dances" that night. It really took me a minute to realize this was a new track only because people started saying the chorus not too long in it, and personally it takes me a while to catch on to a beat (but hey lol some people are naturals).
After cutting the song, which seemed to be too early but I did say he sampled a track, he came in with some familiars. Performing hits like "Counting Money" and being joined on stage with  Jus Write for "Slow It Down" featuring three time 2017 Voiceless Music nominee  Taina.
All in all, I do think this was a night of successful experiments all around. Artists are clearly bringing their A-Game this summer.  I hope you're ready guys.
Don't forget "Do Ya Money Dance" releases in June. It will be available on iTunes which means we'll see it on the LST Playlist!
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