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Summer Saturday Part 2

Another Saturday another success. Rockview is 2 for 3 right now and if you still missed out...well I don't know what to tell you.

Just don't miss the final one for the year. By the way, that information will be hitting you all very soon. But let's move on to this recap though...

So this time S Rock chose to do things a bit different, no suprise there.  With the opening of WVMRadio a few personalities also came out and spoke throughout the night. Cool Chellz from The Daily Talk, Blackout The Rebel from Darkside Radio and myself, Lady Sen from The Pulse of New York and We all shouted out a few upcoming projects/events, gave some background on who we are what we do and why you want to follow us, you know the typical.

Fun fact. Did you know on top of being a host on Darkside Radio, Blackout is also a rapper? He also triples as Tarzan in his spare time lol. Check out some of the footage we have of Blackout doing the most as he took the stage:

Some thing else Rockview added? Well, the D.R.E.A.M Dance Team!:

On top of that we had a very mind blowing (queue the wind) performance by Taina with her singles "No Players" and "Fly."  Those who missed out, you regretting it yet?:

Special T from WVMRadio also came out to represent. Fun fact number two besides being an engineer he is also a rapper that can probably get you an interview with a dope radio show:

Who else came out? Well we had TruthBTold on the scene, again. If you guy ever need ideas on how to spread the word on who you are (outside of business cards) hit this man up! He made sure everyone got one of his buttons. I personally got two.

He did have some competition Jayo the Beatslayer not only tore up the state but he also showed us how to properly market yourself. Use breath spray with you information on it. Lit right?

Check out the rest of the performances below. But, don't forget to stay tuned for the next flyer to drop for Summer Saturday 3! Bonus! Skitz and Mo Bars also stopped through!

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