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Summer Saturday Success

If you weren't in attendance to Rockview's first Summer Saturday of 2016, then you really missed out.

Seriously, I feel a little bad for you but there is always next time, and next time it will be better. But in the meantime, I'll commence my bragging...

For one host Ray Beauty and myself were able to wear one of kind pieces from ME Fashion Brand. The creator, Dyme dressed us herself and even brought samples of her work to show off. Check out my top and necklace below, that I absolutely fell in love with.

Another surprise came from Wes Love of AMG (Ascot Music Group). I'm a little new to the scene so I assumed the group consisted of all artists but Wes proved me wrong when he showed up with her AmeriKan Dreamin clothing brand. Their set up was honestly amazing, the picture below doesn't do it justice.

But speaking of AMG (who apparently has an upcoming drop this Monday, that you can peep on Ju$$-B and Euro came out and did their thing. For those that follow us on Instagram (@RockviewEnt and @LadySenTalks) you probably already say the some of their performance. They duo actually supported each other on stage back to back, as they were featured on the other tracks.

Other artists I really enjoyed?

Well Skitz came out as well and besides just performing she was everyone's hype man as well. If you ever need someone to show you love definitely give her a hit.

However, one artist may never need the hype man and that's Zeke Jaye who performed a few of his original tracks including "Snow White" with the choreography from the visual

Jus Write performed his single "I'm Just Saying" which he just dropped a visual for, be sure to check that as soon as possible.

Bizzy did come out and serenaded almost every female within his reach, with his song "Bad Habits." If you weren't there you probably caught a previous performance...

Oh Bizzy also displayed his talents with a camera, which you can click at the link below to view.

Check Out More Pics From Summer Saturdays Here

That's it for the first installment of RockView's Summer Saturdays! Be sure not to miss out on the next one coming up July 23rd. For more information go to RockViewEnt.Com

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