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Okay guys, so a little update on whats been going on in Rockview. You know part 2 of the  Rockview Radio series is now available;  Jus Write's show  Welcome to Write's World is sailing; also, let's not forget that founder,  S-Rock is officially the ambassador for The Peel!
But now May has rolled around and the focus has shifted to the Rockview songstress,  Taina. She joined the company a little over a year ago and has given a few crowd pleasers ( "No Players" is currently stuck in my head), won over her a fan base with her down to earth personality and gained a great amount of attention from a variety of resources with her overall presence. 
While we are all waiting for her to release a full project, which according to her it's coming the Jersey City gal has been rocking every stage she's touched this year. I actually was able to sit with her at a Power 105 show in Queens last month, Power is Industry, and it was pretty cool.
I've honestly hadn't had the chance to see Taina perform outside of events I've worked at and this was the first time I could actually focus on her performance.
 Let. Me. Tell. You.
So I thought I may of been a bit bias because I think Taina is a dope performer, which I've noticed to be the typical response from anyone who has heard her voice but it was pretty clear general crowds thought the same. A worry for me is that when going to an event that is sort of over saturated by rappers can an r&b artist hold there own. Well, that wasn't a problem with the "Fly" singer.
I was standing right in the front and got a good glimpse of the pit. The audience was jamming to her, taking snaps, flyers and ones that were looking for more information definitely got it. Though Taina's talent is undeniable what I think helps her draw people in is that she is extremely personable at her shows. She talks to almost anyone, chills, eats and goes about her business. This girl is approachable, far from Hollywood.

Now lets fast forward to what's up now. Well Taina is up for three Voiceless Music Awards this year. Best Cover Song of the Year ("No Players"), Best Female Artist and Vocalist of the Year. Which is amazing! She performed at last year's award show and supported other Rockview members, S-Rock and Jus Write, who walked away winners. Now it's her turn!

So we have like two months to do this guys. Do not slack because Taina sure isn't. 
Click the Flyer below to Vote for Taina! Remember you can do it 2 TIMES A DAY. Polls close JULY 4TH, 2017. There's no time to waste.
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