#ThoughtsOFaTITAN Focus On Yourself

#ThoughtsOFaTITAN Focus On Yourself

As I sit back to observe the landscape and decide on how to execute the upcoming steps on this journey of mine, I notice a lot of strange things. 1 thing I've noticed was that many people tend to look for instant gratification for their efforts in what they do. HOWEVER, the 1 thing that stood out the most was the fact that most people focus on others and how they handle what they do instead of focusing on themselves. If I can say anything to my peers or anyone in general I would say, FOCUS ON YOURSELF!!

While I am not saying to ignore what's going on in your field, I am also not saying to focus so much on the others on the field that you lose track of your own progression. I would always suggest to observe others but FOCUS ON YOURSELF. If you simply observe what's going on, take heed to it but focus on yourself, you will eventually notice that you make much better progress.Think of it like this, if you have a platform whereas your voice is what makes you progress on the field there is no reason to use that voice to point out and focus on the handlings of others..... Would a basketball player practice and work hard just to shoot shots for the opposing teams?? Well that's how I feel in regards to focusing on others. When you focus on others, you essentially are shooting shots for the opposing teams.


Focus on yourself!! YOUR RACE is yours to run!!


#TITANLife - Do It BIG, In A Positive Way

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  • Such a whole fact. Its nice to see artists building themselves like this!!!
    • Thank you!! Just keep the creative juices flowing and creating content for the people
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    • Thank you!
  • Great message!
    • Thank you! And I appreciate you voting 5 stars
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