#ThoughtsOFaTITAN Complain Or Adjust

#ThoughtsOFaTITAN Complain Or Adjust

In life we learn to create a level of comfort based on repitition. However, repitition is how we learn. To me this means we become comfortable with things that we learn. But what if we can create a level of comfort in learning new things??

Right now, we are in the midst of a pandemic due to Covid-19 and life pretty much came to a hault. While the world is in a frenzy trying to figure out how/when things will get back to (pre-Covid) normal, I have come to realize we have to create and adjust to a new (post-covid) normal. Businesses are closed, everyone is quarantined and people are having hard times figuring out how to take care of their families now and when things open back up. While I understand the concern, I do not understand the comfort in relying on a "bail out".

Are people relying on the "bail out" because they are comfortable with being bailed out of situations??

Yes times are hard right now but I do not understand the complaining about the hard times. When I see/hear complaints what I really hear is people relying on bailouts and becoming upset because they don't know if a bail out will happen. NOW I MAY BE WRONG in regards to people complaining because they subconsciously are relying on bail outs. People may just be scared because they don't know how to adjust to the new (post-covid) norm. There is nothing wrong with not knowing but there is something wrong with not trying. Instead of complaining about something we can not change how about we adjust and make the proper changes to create our own new (post-covid) norm. In the time that we are quarantined and are not able to do the things we've come accustomed to how about we learn about things that we CAN DO. Let's not complain but learn to adjust and be more independent.

We live in the day and age of the internet. We walk around with cell phones which are basically small computers, we have tablets, we have laptops and so on. We're on social media with hundreds or thousands of people following us with the potential to reach millions. If you take this time to learn yourself, you may find out that you can in a sense "quarantine-proof" your way of living and the way you generate income to support yourself and your family. If we change the narrative we can change the outcome. We must take back what's ours..... OUR MIND! Don't complain about what we can't control but instead use our minds to adjust for survival!


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