#ThoughtsOFaTITAN Streams Or Sales

#ThoughtsOFaTITAN Streams Or Sales

With the transition of music through eras there has been countless discussions on which era is better. Each era has it's points that would make it better but I think being "better" is a matter of opinion, which leads to MY topic of discussion..... Streams or Sales!

Anyone who is an active listener to new music in this era has heard the line, "Streaming on all platforms".

My question is, as an independent artist (or artist in general) why are we inclined to say "Streaming on all platforms" when we release music??

In my opinion that is a disservice to our business. When having a business I would like to believe business owners are interested in maximizing the gross income from the sells. And yes I say 'SELLS' instead of 'SALES'..... A 'SALE' is something that is discounted in price and according to RIAA 1,500 streams equals 1 album sale. So why is it we're taught to promote STEAMS OR SALES?? BOTH options have us promoting things that do not take us down the road of maximizing our gross income. If we want to maximize our gross income then why not SELL the music? Just think about it like this, if you release an album in which you only sold 2 copies at the sale price then you already made more money than if you were able to get 1,500 streams with no selling of "sales". Now imagine if you could sell your music without putting it on "sale". Don't misunderstand me, there is value in promoting streams or sales but that's a different thought to post about.

I think it's time for independent artists (or artists in general) to focus more on their business and not get stuck in the 'Streams or Sales' web.

#TITANLife - Do It BIG, In A Positive Way!!



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