#ThoughtsOFaTITAN Today or Yesterday

#ThoughtsOFaTITAN Today or Yesterday

As I go through life and experiences, I often think about what matters most to people. When you go through situations with some people, everything seems to matter. You never really get to realize what matters most to them because you're just living life and is doing what matters most to you. While you're doing what matters most to you, you never think that what matters to you doesn't matter to them or even that what's important to the two of you are on completely different planes. When I say what matters most, I am referring to what you do for eachother in terms of helping eachother or just being there for eachother to whatever extent necessary. But of course in life things never stay the same.....

As you continue to go through life and experiences, you now are in a position where you can't help the way you once were able to. By this happening, you are now looked at by some people in a different light because you can't DO what you once DID. When you're being looked at in that different light you may wonder why because you didn't do anything wrong (Or so you thought). At some point you'll think about it all and conversations may happen then BOOM, you realize you're being looked at in a different light because you are not helping today. By you not being able to help today, some people will tend to forget how you helped them yesterday. This action leads me to bellieve that it never mattered to them that you were helping them but it mattered WHEN you were helping them. Yesterday was once considered "today" and now that it is actually "today" yesterday doesn't matter to them.

This is sadly how some situations go in life but what I've learned and what matters to me is what has been done yesterday. Yesterday was once "today" but yesterday also is the foundation for today. Now that you're in the current state of "today" are you supposed to forget history? Never forget history and treat people today when they can't help you, the same way you treated them yesterday when they were able to help you.


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