#LivingUnpluggedConcert Thank You!

Last night I presented my first online concert, Living Unplugged Concert. It was a new experience for me and although I knew what I had planned for the concert, I could not plan the results. While doing this concert I received messages, calls, comments and more (of course I couldn't reply during the concert). I could not see who tuned in to the concert if they did not leave comments in the chats. HOWEVER, once it was over I could see the numbers. I waited a day before I checked the numbers to see the amount that tuned in. I was surprised to see there were 119 views of the concert between my site (titanofrap.com) and YouTube. That is outstanding to me because it let's me know there are people who want to see what I do (along with my RockView family) and it means enough to them for them to sit and watch a concert that we put together with just 1 performer (me) that lasted a total of 1hr and 18mins. I did this concert with my dj, CP the DJ, with beverages sponsored by Well Made Choice..... I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who supported this concert and this will not be the last one.


If you missed the live airing of the concert, you can click here to watch the playback!

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