S-ROCK (@TITANofRAP) Embarks on 'The Peel'

Talking about, 'Do It BIG In A Positive'...

The 'TITAN of RAP' himself, S-ROCK, has proven once again that he is more than just a "rapper". As of today January 25, 2017 S-ROCK is now the Brand Ambassador for the black owned independent beverage company 'The Peel' which was originally started in Brooklyn, NY (also the birth place of S-ROCK). 'The Peel' currently has an orange flavored soda as well as an orange flavored soda with whiskey in it which is the HARD version of The Peel.

To read more of how this business merger came about be sure to visit www.voicelessmusic.com

Be sure to stay tuned as to what's to come of this merger!

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