Thoughts of a TITAN: Positive Energy

As I always say "Positive Energy = Positive Results"... This saying is not just a saying but is a way of life, TITAN LIFE!

When you do things in good nature the universe brings it back to you and the same goes for negativity.  I don't believe that I have to sit around and boast to others about what I do and how I do it because that would only show that I am doing just for the looks of it. However, I believe if you be humble and focus on what you then others will do the boasting for you because what you are doing is genuine. An example of this is shown below of people commenting on Instagram about how the event I put together on March 29, 2015 with my company (RockView Entertainment) turned out. I like to call these "TITAN TESTIMONIES"..... Thank you to all who came out to support the event and enjoyed the event as well as my performance. It's always greatly appreciated!!


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