Thoughts of a TITAN: Use Your Voice

As I watch and listen to what goes on in today's time I notice that not many people use one of their most powerful weapons..... Their VOICE!!

It is too often we see people in position to spark a change for the better use their voices to spark a change for the worst. Entertainers are a VERY influential part in the next generation and whether they want to admit it or not they ARE role models. There is no reason why our people should be going backwards in the messages they are delivering. So often we see the cars, money, women, drug usage and more in today's entertainment being glorified to the max that messages are slowly being swayed away. YES all of the things I mentioned are a part of life however it is not "THE" life. While there are artists and entertainers who attempt to push the envelope of something meaningful the powers that be don't wish to put those on the forefront, which is nothing of surprise. However, we live in the day and age of the internet whereas we DON'T need "the powers that be". We can now take control of what's being delivered and take that power back using one of our most powerful weapons.... Our VOICE!! Why speak if you're not saying anything?

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