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What I've noticed...

  • Being an artist in the underground community I come across and speak to ALOT of other underground/indie artists and I've come to realize a 1 thing. Most artists get discouraged or feel a certain way when they perform at the local venues in their cities and see alot of the same faces from the same circles. By hearing regular complaints about seeing the same faces I've also noticed that those artists will continuously change their performance sets in order to perform "new" music because those people have heard their music already. While I understand their complaints, I see this as a problem....

My point of view...

  • While I notice alot of familiar faces in the local venues throughout my city (NYC) I appreciate the familiar faces. Just because I appreciate the familiar faces, I will NOT perform "new" music just because the familiar faces heard it before. The reason I will not do this for that reason is because while there are some familiar faces I am looking for and noticing the NEW FACES! Those new faces may have never heard my music or saw me perform so I want to introduce them to what I am delivering based on MY blueprint of how I am putting out my music as opposed to switching up because I see the "same faces". By doing this I've noticed that those familiar faces will sing along with your music (if they like it) which in turn guides the new faces to liking as well because they get more into the performance when they see others into it. Once this is done you now have the opportunity to gain new supporters. 

My theory...

  • Appreciate the familiar faces BUT look for new faces!

Let me know what you think... Leave a comment below if you want to chime in!

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  • Most definitely I appreciate this brother man. It sums up my performance anxiety everytime I pull up to a place. I'm still adjusting make good solo single tracks but I used to writing to work in a group setting. I will for sure to make a top list of good sets to get the crowd moving but for sure "Beach Party" is my number 1!!
    • If that's your number 1, build around it and run with with it.
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